Chronic Creations

3 Types of Cannabis Concentrates

The cannabis industry grows exponentially every day, and with it, so does the number of new cannabis products available on the market.  Long gone are the days of regular weed in a plastic bag, and now is the time of potent cannabis extracts and concentrates.

If you are new to the world of cannabis and are interested in trying powerful concentrate concoctions, consider the following before making a purchase at your local dispensary.


Named after its molecular structure, shatter is the result of a closed-loop butane extraction process that creates a visually pleasing amber-like cannabis concentrate.  Shatter is incredibly potent, containing up to four times the amount of THC found in any cannabis flower on the market today.


Similar to shatter, wax is also created through the same closed-loop butane process.  However, changes to the extraction process make a more opaque substance perfect for those who enjoy dabbing.


Cannabis users who prefer high levels of terpenes should consider purchasing a live resin.  Companies such as Chronic Creations specialize in an extraction process involving freezing temperature to create the newest trend in cannabis use.

Live resin is full-spectrum and can be more potent than shatter or wax. However, its uniqueness lies in its robust aroma and fuller flavor. As a result, most individuals who prefer a full-flavored hit in addition to strong potency often choose to medicate with live resin using a dab rig or a vaporizer.

To Buy Cannabis Concentrates

In the US, cannabis products can only be purchased at licensed marijuana dispensaries in states where it is legal for medical or recreational use.  Talk to a bud-tender at your local cannabis dispensary to get more information on which type of concentrate is best for your medical or recreational needs.