4 Great Ways to Enjoy Marijuana

If you are interested in trying marijuana, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, you will be happy to learn there are now many ways for you to indulge in the herb. You’ll feel relaxed and comfortable in no time, regardless of how you choose to use marijuana. Here’s four great ways to enjoy marijuana for the first time and subsequent sessions afterwards.

1.    Joint/Blunt: Most people who indulge in marijuana do so via a joint or a blunt. You simply break up the herb and roll it into one of these papers. You can find flavored rolls and wraps and natural choices as well. These work great when smoking with friends or with a group of people.


2.    Pipe/Bowl: A pipe or bowl is another way to indulge the herb. You want one of those on hand to use when you want to smoke alone because it saves a ton of weed and serves its purpose wonderfully. Bowls and pipes come in assorted sizes and designs and make smoking a little more enjoyable.

3.    Dabs: Another way to enjoy weed is through dabs, although you will use concentrates, not marijuana. It’s called dabbing and provides a far deeper, more intense, and longer lasting high that is out of this world.

4.    Edibles; Want to eat yourself high? Now you can thanks to a variety of edibles products available. Take your pick of items like gummies, brownies, krispy treats, colas, coffee, and tons more and in no time, you will feel like a new person when the herb kicks into your mind.

There are other ways to indulge in marijuana along with the four above, but these are the most popular and the easiest ways. Try each way out because they give you a unique type of high that you will appreciate.