cannabis store in Boulder

A Look at the Must Try Cannabis Strains

If you are going to smoke cannabis, the strains on this list are a few of the many you want to try at least once.  In all likelihood, once you try the strain once you will want to try it over and over and over again. The strains included here fall into all categories, including Sativa and Indica, and are sure to be favorites.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is known for its relaxing, calming effects. It works well for people with anxiety and insomnia. This strain accommodates anyone in the nighttime perfectly, but can be suitable for a mile daytime high as well. You’ll always find Blue Dream strains available at the cannabis store in Boulder.

cannabis store in Boulder

Charlie Sheen

This California based strain is somewhat difficult to find sometimes so grab as much as you can when you do see it around. Named after the actor, it also has a nice potency to it that will sit right with you when a deep and intense high is what you crave.

Durban Poison

Be forewarned, Durban Poison indeed tastes a bit like poison at first hit but the taste grows on you just as soon as the high hits a few seconds later. The long lasting head high will send you into dreamland if you smoke too much.

Fruity Pebbles

Do not pour milk out on this strain because it tastes just like a bowl of the morning goodness we call cereal. Fruity Pebbles has a sweet, yummy taste that may send you back into childhood with its calming yet intense high.

The strains here are a few favorites for people in and near Boulder. Give them a try and add them to your list of favorites like so many others have already.